Mechanical Engineering & Design Packages


Our team of experienced engineers and AutoCAD designers will design your dust collection system to provide proper operation and regulatory compliance in accordance with the Industrial Ventilation Manual and NFPA Guidelines. System design includes: proper hood design, system sizing using the Velocity Pressure Method, duct routing and sizing for maintaining balanced and optimum air flows, equipment specifications (dust collector, fan, rotary airlock, etc.) and any explosion protection equipment that should be included (explosion vents, chemical suppression and isolation). After the design is complete and following customer review, Airdusco EDS will provide a complete set of mechanical layout drawings including: System Flow Diagram, Plan, Elevation and Section View drawings of the system to allow for accurate bids for equipment and mechanical installation. Airdusco EDS is capable of providing these drawings in both AutoCAD 2D or AutoDesk Inventor 3D.

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